The Amazing Thing that is the Starbucks in Japan

Monday, March 16, 2020


In this article I'll talk about why the Japanese Starbucks is my favorites Starbucks I have been to so far.

Starbucks in the United States

If you live in or have ever visited the United States, chances are that you have been to the American Starbucks at least once. It's quite addicting to have a nice sugary Frappuccino. There's usually a bunch of Starbucks in one area so you don't have to travel too far to get to one. But what I didn't realize when I lived in the United States was that Starbucks is pretty boring there.
They pretty much have a set menu. They have their so-called secret menu, but who really knows what's on that. Plus, the people working there already have an attitude, I don't wanna go p*ssing anyone off by asking for a difficult drink. Sometimes I do see that they add a Frappuccino here and there to add a little spice. For instance, the unicorn Frappuccino. I heard good AND bad things about that particular Frappuccino. I wanted to try it and thought that they would bring it to Japan. Well, luckily, I didn't hold my breath because they never did. I felt as though I was missing out until I realized why they didn't dare bring it to Japan. It had WAY too many chemicals to be allowed in Japan. It had a ton of food coloring, and Lord knows what else. Those ingredients are probably illegal in Japan so they couldn't bring it.
Honestly, I probably would have gotten sick off the thing anyway so it's good I never got to try it. That's just one example of the few times Starbucks in the US roles out a special kind of drink. I do think that they add new drinks for summer months, and of course they always have the pumpkin spice craze during the fall. But it's a little different from what happens here in Japan.

The Philippines

When I lived in the Philippines I was pleasantly surprised by their Starbucks. They had a lot of cool drinks, that also happen to be healthy. I loved that about the Philippine Starbucks. I guess I hadn't been able to read and understand the Starbucks menu in so long that I was in awe.
I moved to the Philippines about two years after I had moved to Japan. So, I was only happy that I could understand. They did add a few new special drinks, VERY FEW and far between. HOWEVER, they had a Harry Potter butter beer Frappuccino, I was on cloud nine. I'm not sure if they have ever had that in the US, but they certainly never had it in Japan. That was my favorite part about the Starbucks in the Philippines.


Okay, so now we finally get to Japan. I've lived in Japan for about four years now, if you can believe it! And I LOVE the fact that EVER SINGLE MONTH, Starbucks adds a new drink to the menu. It's a limited-edition drink for that month, but I love the variety of the menu. When I moved back to Japan from the Philippines, they had a yummy Disney themed Frappuccino. This Frappuccino was for the release of Snow White or something. It was apple flavored, and it was extremely delicious.
They always have a Sakura flavored one, but the taste usually varies. This year I think it's my favorite Sakura Frappuccino so far. They usually get one in May or June that's strawberry flavored. It ALWAYS sells out. It's really THAT good. Sometimes it's unfortunate, but they do sell out before the month is over. I guess it depends on the popularity and how much of the ingredients they have. Sometimes it sells out for the day, and sometimes it sells out for the month, it just depends.
Anyways, I love the ever changing Frappuccinos in Starbucks Japan. If you ever get the chance to visit, I know it's lame, but please visit the Starbucks. They'll definitely have a new drink for you to try. It's not always good, but it's always interesting none the less. Plus, they always make them look pretty.

Good luck on finding a nice drink at Starbucks. Just please be mindful of the sugar no matter where you are in the world.