The Coronavirus in Japan, again

Monday, March 23, 2020


The Coronavirus in Japan, again
In this article I'll talk about the new information that I've heard about the virus.

From Around the World

From Around the World
Italy is currently on lockdown due to the coronavirus. I've seen comments only from YouTube videos from people who claim to live in Italy. I'll tell you about some of the accounts that I've heard that have put me back on edge.
First of all, I've heard that it's not only deadly to people over fifty years old. There's allegedly an account of a twenty-year-old that's in serious condition. This twenty-year-old didn't have any serious illnesses beforehand.
I have heard that if you get the virus you need to be put on a breathing machine. The breathing machines are limited, so they have to choose who they want to go into the machine. The hospitals are full of people in their twenties, thirties, and forties.  The hospitals are currently full, so they are making tents for patient care.
I've also heard that people are losing their jobs. Many people may go bankrupt because of this. Many of the world's economies will suffer. Of course, if we're on quarantine, we can't really go to work.
The reason why the virus spread so quickly is because a man allegedly went against doctor's orders after testing positive for the virus. He decided to go on a cruise or something or other, and then, just like that, Italy was on lockdown.
In order to get food from the grocery store, you have to wake up very early. Even then, the shelves will probably be empty. This is another reason why I am bulking up on food. I have yet to get water, but I'm on it.

The United States

The United States
From the US, Donald Trump has banned travel to Europe for about 30 days. It will probably be longer because the virus is spreading rapidly. Tom Hanks and his wife are infected. Also, the NBA season is cancelled until further notice. The
Kansas City, Missouri mayor has called for a state of emergency.
I'm from Kansas. I heard that there was one case, now all of a sudden, it's sixteen. I think soon there will also be a state of emergency there. Kansas City and surrounding areas will be placed on a lockdown. Nonessential travel is prohibited.
Every state currently has cases of the coronavirus. New York is on lockdown, as well as California. I know that there may be other cities on lockdown, but I am unaware of such cities. Most people are able to telecommute, but I have heard that many people have lost their job. I have also heard a case in which a BIG hotel branch said that their workers are not unemployed, but that they are working 0 hours.

I'm really worried about people in the US. Unlike Japan and people in Europe, there is no universal healthcare. They need to pay for everything on their own. Staying in the hospital for about 14 days, and all the equipment they will need like the breathing machine, will not come cheap.
I'm also worried about them not being able to work. A lot of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Of course, a lot of jobs have PTO, but there are a lot of jobs that do not offer such a thing. It will be a situation that I'm not looking forward to seeing.

As for Me

As for Me
I'm very sad that I have to be away from home and my family during this time. However, I feel more comfortable being in Japan during this pandemic rather than in the US. In Japan, I know that I have affordable healthcare. I feel that people may be more kind when it comes to sharing supplies.
The city that I'm in now seems so calm. I feel that when I go to the grocery store that everyone is normal except me. I'm the only one buying cans by the bulk. But I know in the US that everyone is panic buying. Here, luckily, it's only me. It's nice to have that calmness around you when you feel like you are going crazy.
I've heard that the governments assume that most people will catch it. They know this will happen, but they don't want everyone to catch it at once. There just aren't enough resources in the hospitals to hold all the infected.
The only thing I can say is, get what you can now before the disaster hits. I wouldn't panic buy JUST anything. Get what you think you'll need. For me, I think we'll need food. Also think about buying food that will keep up your immune system. Think strategically, not irrationally. Good luck on beating this virus. We'll ALL need it.