Coronavirus Update from Japan

Sunday, May 31, 2020


Coronavirus Update from Japan
In this article, I'll give an update to the coronavirus situation in Japan.

End of May

From the end of May, the lockdown was lifted in ALL of Japan. Yes, that includes Tokyo. They said that the number of cases had dropped so they could open businesses back up. I was so so happy that the lockdown ended, I'm not going to lie. But honestly, I never thought the prefecture I live in even needed a lockdown to begin with.
The number of cases in my prefecture is currently only in the single digits. You can count on one hand. It was never as serious here as in the bigger cities. I think the reason is mostly because of transportation. Mostly everyone where I live owns a car. I can't explain the United States though.
But I do think people are more considerate in Japan about spreading viruses and everything. Most of the businesses have opened back up, with an exception of a few. Starbucks is only open for takeout now. That's the good thing about where I am. It's not normal for Japanese restaurants to allow takeout, or even delivery where I am. But now with the virus, they don't have a lot of options. Most of them need to offer takeout or something. For me, it's better than great because I like to eat at home while watching TV LOL.

Traveling Within Japan

I do think that you are allowed to travel now within in Japan. HOWEVER, you should be careful who you tell that to. In Japan, I heard of some woman who was bullied by her co-workers because she went to Tokyo. Japanese people like to bully people for any given thing, so I wouldn't give them one.
My nursery just recently started to allow volunteers to come back to the schools. They stopped allowing them to come due to the virus. The volunteers are from all over the world. They are from the US, France, Germany, Belgium, and even Taiwan. They are allowing them back into the schools under certtain conditions. These conditions are that they haven't left the prefecture in two weeks, and that they aren't sick of course.
I’m personally excited for Universal Studios to open back up. I know that there will be certain precautions in place, but I just want to have fun. I want to go to Osaka so that I can eat at TGI Fridays. I know that things will not completely go back to normal for a while, but I’m hoping for the best. I’m trying to be smart about where I go. I still won’t travel for a few months just to see how everything is progressing.

Going to the Movies

So, I was so so so so happy once I heard the movies would be opening up again. Oh, it's open alright. When I go on the website to buy tickets, they have a warning screen as soon as you get on. They tell you, in Japanese, all the precautions that will be taken for the movies.
The precautions are quite a few I'll say. They tell you before you even buy the ticket, that your temperature cannot be 37.5 or higher. They took our temperatures before we could even go to the machine to pick up the tickets. You must wear a mask, which I think is reasonable. You must also sit every other person to a seat.
I couldn't sit next to my husband at the theater. There was ONLY ONE couple who broke the rules. Everyone else in the theater sat every other seat. Plus, everyone also had to sit in every other row. I honestly liked the space I had. I could really stretch out HAHAHA.
Oh, another thing and the tickets, we can't buy them in advance anymore. You must buy the tickets the day of the movie. Which really isn't too bad because a lot of people don't really want to go to the movies now anyway. There's NOTHING to see, but I wanted to go. I saw the Harley Quinn movie. It was just alright. I hope they put some better movies soon. It's really the only fun thing I can do where I am. I'm stuck here so I need to make the best of it now.
Aeon Mall was also quite different when we arrived. First, we couldn’t enter the door that we normally enter from…we had to walk five steps to the other door LOL. I thought it was quite strange that we couldn’t enter a door that was so close to the other door, but anyway. So, after entering, you must use hand sanitizer. I think online they said they will take some new precautions with cleaning the escalator handrail.
We had to ride the elevator down and they put big circles where we should be standing. We went to look for something to eat and every restaurant had hand sanitizer at the entrance. They said the food court seating would be cut in half. The mall also surprisingly closed at seven instead on nine, which my husband and I were unaware of. But overall, I felt that the mall didn’t really need to close early. Again, I know there’s a virus, but if the mall is open two hours more, would that really make a difference. But again, what do I know.
Good luck on staying healthy, entertained, and sane during these trying times. Until next time.