Trying Disney Plus (AKA Disney Deluxe) in Japan

Saturday, May 9, 2020


Trying Disney Plus (AKA Disney Deluxe) in Japan
In this article I will talk about my experience using Disney Plus or Disney Deluxe in Japan.

Actually Getting the Disney Plus Membership

Actually Getting the Disney Plus Membership
Okay, so for me THIS was the MOST complicated thing I think I have EVER ordered online. I had the most trouble in the world actually getting an account for this dang streaming service. That really p*ssed me off. As I've said before. I have tried to get Disney Plus in Japan with no luck.
The reason why I couldn't get it was because of my debit card. Yes, I could not get Disney Plus in Japan because of my DEBIT CARD. Have you ever heard of such a thing in your life? This website refused to give me a membership because I used my debit card instead of a credit card.
To be perfectly honest, I don't have a Japanese credit card. But I wanted to try it sooo badly, that I begged my husband to let me use his. It's Golden week in Japan. There's also this fun lockdown going on, so we can't do much of anything. I was desperate for something to do. So, I wanted to try Disney.
I also had to create a Yahoo Japan mail account, because I failed before using my gmail address. And for some reason they will not let you use any Yahoo account. It HAS to be a Yahoo Japan account. So, after I created the account, AND begged my husband for his credit card, the payment went smoothly. By payment I mean my first 31 days are free LOL.

How to Use the App

Can I just say that this was again, one of the most frustrating apps I have EVER used in my while entire life LOL. And it's not just because it's only in Japanese. First and foremost, you need to download the Disney THEATER app. It is not the Disney Deluxe app, no because that would be too simple, it's the Disney THEATER app. 
Okay, so I downloaded it, and no there's absolutely no language option. You must use it in Japanese. That's okay for me though, because I just click around. I was able to find some stuff I wanted to watch. I had to figure out how to add it to my favorites. While other apps have like a check mark or plus to add to your favorites, Disney has to be different. To add it to your list of favorites, there is a Kanji sentence you need to read. This button will allow you to add the movie or show to your favorite.
You can use Google translate for that of course so no problem. I decided I wanted to watch a movie on the TV. Here is where another problem arose. I set up my Amazon Firestick with the account I use for Amazon Japan. I COULD NOT find the Disney Deluxe app. I tried to search for it in the search bar. I tried to look for it where the rest of the apps would be and... nothing. I finally gave up and tried to Google where to find it. The conclusion was, you need to search for, you guessed it, Disney THEATER.
Yes, again, you need to search for Disney THEATER. I was so p*ssed. Okay, so I found the app FINALLY, but guess what? I COULDN'T download it! Yes, I don't know why but I couldn't download the freakin’ STUPID app onto my Amazon Firestick. 
Okay, so I couldn't download the app onto my Firestick. That's okay, I could always just stream from my computer and use an HDMI cord. So, I go into the website to try to play something. I'm searching and searching and can only find the instructions to sign-up for the service.
I again gave up and decided to Google it. The website was DISNEY THEATER. Disney theater is the website to stream. Just remember that. But I was on the Disney theater site, and I STILL couldn't figure out how to play the dang movie. There's a button, that doesn't look ANYTHING like a play button. But it's the play button, nonetheless. It's a set of Kanji characters again. It finally played in the end. But unlike other websites like Amazon prime or Netflix, I can't control how much data the website will use to stream. Go figure.

What's on Disney Plus (Disney Deluxe) in Japan

What's on Disney Plus (Disney Deluxe) in Japan
Okay so what's actually on Disney Plus in Japan. If you're thinking it will be similar to Disney Plus in the United States, you know since EVERYTHING is already owned by Disney, then you're sadly mistaken. Here's what they DO have. They have the Mandalorian, Marvel movies like Black Panther and Captain Marvel. They have Star Wars movies and shows. 
They have Kim Possible, Goof Troop. They have Aladdin as well. They have Frozen 2, but you MUST pay around 4 dollars to stream. It's the same with the new Star Wars movie. Oh, I forgot they also have Hocus Pocus, The Emperor's New Groove, Hercules, Pocahontas. You know big Disney movies.

What Disney Deluxe Doesn't Have

What Disney Deluxe Doesn't Have
Mostly EVERYTHING I like, the Disney Deluxe app in Japan DOES NOT have. They didn't have what I expected. I know that it's in Japan, and they need to add Japanese subtitles or dubs. But does EVERY movie or show need to have this? I mean, do they think there is no one, not one person in Japan that can't speak English? Does everyone residing in Japan need Japanese subtitles or Japanese dub?
That's the question I keep asking myself. They know that there are people from all over the world in Japan. There are also a lot of Americans. And if you are American, you will be disappointed by this app.
They did not have the shows I watched when growing up. They DON'T HAVE Lizzy McGuire. They don't have That's so Raven, So Weird, Even Stevens, The Famous Jett Jackson. They don't have my favorite Disney channel original movies like Halloween town. They don't have Don't Look Under the Bed, The Luck of the Irish, Johnny Tsunami. All the things I was looking forward to, all the things I was hoping they would have put on the app.
On other platforms like Netflix, they have copyright issues, that's why they can't put a lot of American shows on the Canadian Netflix, or American shows on the Japanese Netflix. If that's the case, then I understand. HOWEVER, this IS NOT the case with Disney. Disney OWNS all of their freakin’ content. To me, it makes no sense.

Will I Be Keeping Disney Deluxe

Will I Be Keeping Disney Deluxe
As you may have guessed, after my free trial has come to an end, I WILL NOT keep Disney Deluxe. It is literally the WORST streaming service that I've ever had. It barely has any content, and it's Disney. They have so much to choose from, but they choose to put barely anything at all.
Did I mention what happens when you download? When you download you have exactly 72 HOURS to watch before it disappears. This is the first time I've ever been subjected to such rules. It's making itself out to be the creme de la creme, but there's nothing at all impressive about this app.
I'm disappointed to say the least. If you want to give the app a try, there's no harm since it's free for the first 31 days. Afterwards, the app is around 800 yen if you do choose to keep it. Give it a try if you must. I hope that this article will help you to navigate that dang app a little better. I also hope that it gives you some insight as to what’s actually on the app.
Good luck on trying the Disney Deluxe app. You'll DEFINITELY need it. See you again soon.