Planning My Trip for the Upcoming Japanese Holiday

Sunday, July 19, 2020


Planning My Trip for the Upcoming Japanese Holiday
In this article I'll tell you about my trip planning fiasco.

Planning the Trip

Planning the Trip
In Japan, there is an upcoming four-day holiday in July. I even saw that since tourism had been down due to the virus, that they will give Japanese people incentives to travel for this holiday. So, naturally, I wanted to plan a very fun trip to my second favorite prefecture, Osaka! I told you already that I'm absolutely sick and tired of staying where I am because, well, it's super boring. I want to go to TGI FRIDAYS. I want to be around exciting people, in an exciting place.
This is the reason why I planned a trip to Osaka. I booked the hotel right in Umeda, the busiest place in Osaka. I chose Umeda because that's where the restaurant is. I bought my husband and I's bus ticket. We were ALL SET to go. There was just one little itsy-bitsy problem...

Going to Osaka?

The uptake in coronavirus cases in Osaka became quite serious over the weekend. So serious that they had the second most new cases. They were only second to Tokyo, which had over 200 new cases. Like I said before, since I work with children, I would take off for two weeks. But I'm still scared of my husband catching the virus. I don’t want him to get too sick because I worry about him.
My husband was on the fence anyway. Plus, he made a good point, what if everything is closed when we visit due to the new cases. It's sounds pretty sucky, but it could indeed happen. Therefore, I've unfortunately already cancelled my trip. It was the worse feeling EVER. I do hope that the virus subsides soon, but I’m definitely not going to hold my breath.

Planning a Trip Closer to Home

Planning a Trip Closer to Home
When I first started to plan a trip for this holiday, I tried to plan a trip closer to my home. The issue was the price. Yes, the price. I live in the country, BUT there is a beautiful ocean we could go to visit. The issue is that during the holiday weekend, they want to charge you like 200-1,000 dollars, A NIGHT.
This is the reason why I chose Osaka in the first place. It was a lot more affordable to go to Osaka than to stay where I am! There is another "city area" close to where I live. It's SUPPOSED to be a bigger city than where I'm living. So, I thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a try. Well, I looked at the attractions as well as the different restaurants they have to offer. The conclusion I came up with is this. IT’S LITERALLY THE MOST BORING CITY I THINK I’VE EVER SEEN.
The city is more boring than where I am now, and that's saying a lot. The only attraction they have is like a big garden. They have temples of course, but I’m sorry, if you’ve seen 10, then you’ve seen them all. I have more food options in my own city! I can’t actually believe that. I told my husband that I don't think I even want to go anywhere anymore. It totally sucks. I'm still not sure if I'm traveling for the holidays, but probably not.
I have thought about going to a small island for the holiday. There’s still not an abundance of things to do, but I feel like it would be interesting to stay on an island. The big issue for me is how long it would take to travel there. We only want to stay one night, but it takes 3 hours to get there from my home. That includes a one-hour boat ride. Therefore, I’m still on the fence about going.
In conclusion, the coronavirus sucks and I'm sick and tired. You know, the same thing I've been saying. I just want to go to a fun city, even if it's for a day. I really don't care if I catch the virus anymore. I'm just more so worried about spreading it. That's the reason why I will continue to suffer in silence. I feel like I'm going stir crazy, but I HAVE NO CHOICE. I hope I don't go mad. Well, good luck to you and your traveling plans, if you have any. I hope you have fun for both you AND me. Until next time.