Married at First Sight Season 8 Review Pt. 2

Monday, May 17, 2021

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Married at First Sight Season 8 Review Pt. 2

In this article I'll give my thoughts regarding the two couples, Keith and Kristine, and Jasmine and Will. If you want to know how I feel about AJ and Stephanie, and Luke and Kate, please go to my part 1 review. Spoilers ahead

Keith and Kristine

Keith and Kristine

My initial thought of Keith was that he was so so incredible cute! I loved his smile and he seemed to really love and care about his family. HOWEVER, I felt right away that he was going to be a problem. There's nothing wrong with loving your family, of course. But if a grown man is living with his grandmother and his family is talking about, he's spoiled, that's a WHOLE NOTHER ballgame.

I just knew he was going to be a man child. At first, I was really confused as to why BOTH the black couples were matched unevenly in the finance department. That's not okay in my book at all. They did however go over Kristine's past and how controlling her ex was. So, I could understand a little bit more.

They were both really cute on the honeymoon. But I was starting to feel bad for Kristine when they moved into their house. Keith said he would clean, and Kristine would cook. That clearly didn't happen. Whenever a spoiled man says that, don't believe him. 

Poor Kristine was being so sweet. She was cooking, cleaning, and working full-time at a job that pays higher than Keith. Of course, she started getting fed up. But Keith really did surprise me. He took a cooking class for their anniversary, and he said he would try to cook! That's so sweet and romantic.

Plus, Keith said is going to school to get a better job. I really like Keith, even though he is a little spoiled, I think he's willing to change for Kristine, and I think he plans to help her out more. We see a little about how Keith's dad is an alcoholic, and made Keith drive him around when he was 14. So, he was kind of forced to grow up early to take care of his dad.

I left off with Keith saying he wanted to start a family soon. Kristine didn't agree with him on that, which I understand. There are still goals and aspirations that Kristine wants to accomplish. She was also making more than Keith. And even though he started helping out, I think they still need time to adjust to living with each other and to having each other as a partner.

Jasmine and Will

Jasmine and Will

Now, I saved these two for last because I have A LOT to say on them. I must speak on then as an African American woman, and an issue that I think plagues the African American community. As I stated, I don't like how the black couples were matched unevenly in the finance department.

With BOTH the black couples, the women made more money than the men. WHY!!!!!!?

Why did the producers make it that way? I can see that Kristine didn't want to be controlled, and wanted to have more of a partnership, fifty-fifty type relationship. BUT Jasmine certainly DID NOT want that type of marriage.

She made it VERY CLEAR what her values were, and what type of family structure she had growing up. Her father was the provider for the family. Therefore, she wants a husband that is a provider. Which I couldn't agree with her more on.

I do feel that both Jasmine and Will wanted a family, and they both owned a house, and went to the same university... But that's where the similarities stop in my opinion. They are not a good match.

They grew up in completely different environments. Jasmine grew up in the suburbs, surrounded by her family. While Will, unfortunately, grew up a little poorer, and he considered his friends as his family. 

They did get along well on the wedding day, even though Jasmine's family was against her doing the whole married at first sight thing. But I started to see the red flags when he wouldn't get off his bike to help her when they were on their honeymoon. He said that he didn't know how to turn off the bike, but she was freaking sliding down a heel for goodness’ sake!

Then, I knew I really didn't like him when he said that the bills should be split fifty-fifty. I was thinking FIFTY-FIFTY (in my Souljah Boy voice), I was outraged for Jasmine. This man is 37 years old; Jasmine is freakin’ 30, and this grown a** man is talking about fifty-fifty??? Hecks no!!

Why is Jasmine, who is SEVEN YEAR YOUNGER than her husband, making more money than him? That's what I'm talking about with these producers. Is it because they feel like black women need to financially take care of a man, or they won't be able to get a man??? I think the freak not. And I'm proud of Jasmine for standing up for herself.

I feel like if Will was talking about having a family and getting married, then HE needed to be financially stable. A wife, kids, and a house is not cheap. I think it's irresponsible of him to want those things but expect his wife to provide. She's supposed to have the kids and to financially take care of the family too?? It's too much!

I initially liked Will because he's seemed sweet, active, and he had a cute smile... But boy, oh boy. Jasmine gives in and says that they'll do like 60-40 or something. And then this "pastor", who's one of the counselors, has the AUDACITY to tell her that's not fair because she's making more money!! Are you freaking kidding me!! He's black, so I guess they thought black women wouldn't get offended. Naw son, I'm offended. 

Why should Jasmine, the wife, pay more bills than her husband who's older than her. Why should she take care of a grown man AND herself!? She might as well have stayed single for that!!!! She said she was cooking and cleaning too!!! HECKS NAW! They keep trying to tell her to take care of him, WHY!!!?

And then Jasmine asks Will to rate her and he gives her a 6.8 or something. When Jasmine is the one making all the freaking sacrifices! Will says he wants to become a coach, and Jasmine rightly says that there's no money in that. Because THERE ISN'T. She's already making more money than him. Can you imagine if he became a coach? Now, I understand that he wants to give back to the community, however, I do think that it is unfair of him to want to change his career after getting married. 

Why didn't he change his career before getting married? Is it because he knew that if he did become a coach, that he wouldn't be able to afford his bills? So, he needs Jasmine to fall back on because she can pay the bills now, right. I'm sorry to have come to that conclusion, but it's the only thing that makes sense. Jasmine is not Will’s mother to be taking care of him in that way. Will needs to be a man and take care of his family, not Jasmine.

His friends were saying that it's awful of Jasmine to say that there's no money in it, and that everything doesn't revolve around money. I do agree with that to an extent, but it would also be putting a lot of the financial burden on Jasmine. I don't think that's fair either.

At the end of the day, I hope they DO NOT stay together. They are looking for different things in a relationship. No matter what any of the " counselors" say, Jasmine should not compromise on what she wants in a relationship. And Will doesn't want the kind of woman that Jasmine is. Plus, he doesn't even try to be romantic with her. I see that as a red flag as well. I don't think he's into her, which is fine. I just think they need to split.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

I do believe that Keith and Kristine will absolutely stay together in the end. Keith is trying hard to make things work, and Kristine is just the cutest wife. They were instantly attracted to each other and are very lovey dovey.

Jasmine and Will will not make it, I don’t think. Money is a big thing in a relationship. Plus, Jasmine doesn’t feel like Will is attracted to her, and he doesn’t seem to want to put in much effort in the romance department. He doesn’t seem to want to put in much effort in anything honestly. I don’t like them together at all. 

In the next article I’ll give my final thoughts on the reunion, and this season overall. Until next time.