A Look at Veronica Mars (From a Black Woman's Perspective)

Friday, May 15, 2020

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Black Woman
In today's article I'll give my thoughts on the TV show Veronica Mars. Spoilers ahead if you have not watched the show yet.

The Premise of Veronica Mars

The Premise of Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars first aired in 2004. It had three seasons before it was cancelled. There was a Kickstarter campaign for a movie. The movie was made. Then last year, Hulu revived the show for another season. I decided to re-watched it on Amazon Prime in Japan because I remembered it being a pretty good show.
The story starts off with Veronica. Veronica is unpopular and poor, to put it nicely. Right off the back we can see that Veronica is our heroine. She cuts down a black boy from a flagpole. He was put there by a Mexican biker gang. Yup, a bunch of high school Mexican kids in a biker gang.
I grew up in Kansas so that could be why I never heard of such a thing. This show is set in California. The town, Neptune, seems to be like Laguna, or Orange County or something.
Veronica was once a middle-class teenager at Neptune high…I guess. I’m still a little fuzzy on if she was rich or middle-class. She dated one of the richest boys in school (Duncan), and was best friends with his sister (Lily). Well, then the sister is murdered and her father, who's the sheriff, says that her parents killed her. He is then fired. Veronica's mom is a drunk who leaves because they are poor now, and their reputation is gone.

My Realization

wonder woman
I watched this show when I was a college student and didn't realize how racist and prejudice this show truly is. You can even see it in the theme song. For Wallace's drawing in the theme song, he has a chalk outline. A CHALK OUTLINE. While Weevil has jail cell bars. But Logan gets a cute handwritten Lily drawing. WTF.
Weevil calls Wallace the N-word in the first episode. Which I don’t remember him apologizing for. It’s also pretty strange because later there was a black boy in the gang. Weevil was an A-hole to Wallace. Even though I like Weevil, it really wasn’t necessary for him to say that in the show. But they needed to add something in there to make the distinction of the bad Mexican, and the savior white girl.
Yes, thank God Veronica is there to save the day and put Weevil in his place. Re-watching the show, I can't understand their relationship at all. Whenever Veronica, the white girl, needs something, Weevil comes a runnin’. She DID help him on one occasion, but I don't get it.
Weevil always comes running for Veronica. HOWEVER, it seems like when there's a problem, Weevil is the first to be blamed. He NEVER really stands up for himself. He always seems to let Veronica emasculate him and he just let's it slide. It seems pretty strange for a teenager in a biker gang if you ask me. Especially one who is the leader of said gang.
Wallace occasionally stands up for himself against Veronica. That's a good thing at least. He still does A LOT for her. A LOT more than she does for him. But it's okay. Anything for the white girl. Oh, and of course Wallace is great at playing basketball. All black people are good at sports (sarcasm inserted).
In the show, there was only one rich black kid at the school. Tessa Thompson's character. Tessa Thompson is biracial by the way. There were no rich Hispanics, Asians, and no other rich black kids. And Veronica helped like one black person as one of her cases. And I don't recall a time where she helped anyone who was not a part of the elite, beside Weevil once she ruled out he wasn’t the culprit.

Other Issues

I read an article that touched on something I really didn't notice before. Veronica's forgiveness to the rich white kids, but not Weevil. Veronica was raped. Which is absolutely awful. She was drugged "accidentally" by Dick. It was an accident because Dick meant to drug his girlfriend not Veronica. What a funny story right HA HA.
Dick kissed and felt up on Veronica at the party. Dick pushed his brother Beaver into the room. He told Beaver to be a man, with a girl who was clearly passed out. He basically told his brother to rape her and encouraged him to do so. She was raped BECAUSE of Dick.
Was Dick ever arrested? Was Dick ever beaten up by Logan or Veronica's father? Did Veronica EVER say one word to Dick after it was discovered that she was in fact raped at that party? No to all of these questions. This woman never said a thing to this rapist/predator or the police.
But what about Weevil? He was arrested when he just wanted to graduate. That sounds pretty fair doesn't it. Well, it sounds about white.
Veronica blames Weevil for EVERYTHING. He seems to be her first suspect whenever something happens. Yup, she's a b*tch. She's one of those white women who thinks she's so "woke". All the while calling you the n-word because "All the rappers say it. It's just a word". Sigh... Veronica is that type of Becky.

Final Thoughts

Black Woman
I know it's just a TV show, but Veronica sure gets away with doing a lot of crime. That goes for her father as well. However, I do know that she has white privilege. I couldn't imagine doing half the things she does because I'm not a white woman. If it were me, I would be locked away AND the key would be thrown away.
Overall, even though I have watched the show again for the second time (I only watched the first season twice). I'm not sure that I would recommend it for black people. Or Mexican people for that fact.
Mexicans are portrayed as gang bangers, thieves, and delinquents. While black people really don't have any representation on the show at all. You know, besides her sidekick Wallace. It's hardly groundbreaking television. But if you can overlook those issues, you might enjoy the show. I can't lie that I like some mystery in my life. Just not racism and prejudice.
Good luck with watching Veronica, if you so choose. You're in for a good mystery if nothing else.