Captain Marvel Review and a Disney Plus update from Japan

Sunday, May 17, 2020

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Captain Marvel Review and a Disney Plus update from Japan
In this article I'll give my honest opinion on the movie Captain Marvel. Spoilers ahead. Plus, I'll give an exciting update that was just announced about Disney Plus.

Captain Marvel Overview

Captain Marvel starts off with Vers aka Captain Marvel, and Yon-Rogg. You can tell straight off the back that Yon-Rogg is Vers's mentor. It is discovered that Vers doesn't remember her past at all. But it doesn't matter. She is a soldier for the Kree army. Kree is what their race is called.
They go on a mission. It goes awry and Vers is capture by the enemy, the Skrulls. While captured, the Skrulls try to get something from her memory. This is where we begin to see a little of her backstory. It's strange because it all seems to be from earth.

Vers escapes. She lands on earth, inside of a Blockbuster. The next day she meets Nick Fury. She is attacked by some of the Skrulls, who can shape-shift.
She meets Nick Fury again. They go to a secret government location to get information. She sees a picture of someone from her past. They decide to go to her to get answers. They meet up with Maria. We discover that they were best friends.

Maria thought Vers was dead. We find out Vers real name is Carol. Maria has a daughter who seems to know everything about Vers's past. Vers and Maria were in the army in 1989. They met Dr. Wendy. They wanted to make a change, so they decided to help Dr. Wendy. Back then, I guess women weren't allowed to fly planes. I'll let you watch the movie to get the rest of the story.

My Review

watching movie
Overall, I guess I liked the story. I was a little confused when I was watched because she landed in a Blockbuster. We all know Blockbuster is dead and gone. It also confused me when I saw Nick Fury. Samuel L. Jackson looked a little off to me. I couldn't put my finger on it, but he looked strange.

Finally, it's revealed what year it actually is. We get to learn a little more about Nick Fury and what happened to his dang eye. I guess we also learn about where the name Avengers comes from. Go figure.

I JUST watched this movie on Disney Deluxe. I hadn't seen it before I saw the new Avengers movie. You know how they ALL go in order. If you hadn't watched one, then maybe you wouldn't fully understand the next story. Well... This isn't like that at all.
I thought the story was going to be COMPLETELY different! When I saw her in the new Avengers movie, I thought her story had something to add to that story. It did not. Not one little bit.

If I hadn't seen the Captain Marvel movie, I would have been just fine. I feel like this should have been the first Marvel movie they made. Or maybe even the second. With the Marvel universe as progressed as it is, aren't we past her story at this point? That's just my opinion.
I didn't think it was a bad story or anything. I just couldn't see the point of the story NOW. I don't know if she has a place in this current Marvel universe is all. They couldn't think of any other movie to make besides this one? I'm calling this a cash grab. And I NEVER really use that term.

Captain Marvel from a Black Woman's Perspective

a Black Woman
Okay, so you know I have to give my honest honest take on the story. There were quite a few Black characters in this story. I was impressed, even though most of them were Black males, and there was only one Black female. The Black female was Maria.I was happy to see a dark skin woman as a lead character if you will. But her character was another Black woman trope that I'm quite frankly tired of seeing.

Maria was butch.. That's putting it nicely. This is the same woman that they're trying to get to "replace" James Bond. Can I just say this, Black women are women too. BLACK WOMEN ARE WOMEN TOO. We are not physically stronger than any other woman. And I'm sad that I have to say this, but we also ARE NOT physically stronger than any male either!! I have to add that because I see that some males want to fight us like we are.

We ARE NOT superheroes. We ARE NOT superhuman. A Black Woman SHOULD NOT replace James Bond. He is a Caucasian MALE. Maybe it would have been okay IF the woman replacing him was a sexy dark skin woman. Not a butch, kind of manly, superhuman dark skin woman. It just doesn't fly.

That was my problem with Maria in the Captain Marvel movie. They made her butch. Her wig was looking all types of crazy. They acted like she couldn't be pretty, or dare I say sexy. Captain Marvel was also a little butch, but she still looked pretty. Her hair was styled well, along with her clothes. Even the alien woman they had was sexy!! WTF!!?

Maria has a daughter. Where the father is, I don't have a clue. Another trope. Her dang daughter doesn't have a father in her life. Another thing that bothered me was that Maria threatened to hit this unknown alien creature when he entered her house. Well why you may be asking yourself? Because he called her young lady.

I don't know about you, but I'm not hitting some unknown creature that snuck into my home. I would be in shock and disarray, yes. However, the last thing on my mind would be to hit this thing. Or to even threaten to hit this thing. It's just not realistic for anyone, ANYONE. Especially of a woman. Regardless of if she's dark skin or not. I have to add that because some people seem to think we are men. We ARE NOT.

But I will say this. They could have been trying to be all "girl power" in this movie. Little to no make-up for the main characters. Maybe they didn't want them to look sexy. Even though they still managed to make the basic Caucasian woman (Captain Marvel) look better than the Black woman (Maria).. But anyway.

I got the impression that maybe Vers and Maria may have even been lovers. Truthfully, I don't know, but I did get a little lesbian vibe from them. They didn't go into that so I can't really say for sure. But that COULD be the reason for both characters’ butchness.

Disney Plus Update in Japan

a man watching movie
Okay, so I read an article today saying that Disney PLUS is coming to Japan. I had to re-read the date on the article because I was like… Isn't Disney Plus ALREADY in Japan. Right now there is Disney Deluxe. I guess it's operated by Docomo and NTT or something. Listen, I don't really know what the difference is going to be with the new Disney Plus, and the old Disney Deluxe. I told you already that I HATE everything about the Disney Deluxe/ Disney theater thing.

I am hoping that all my complaints will be addressed with this new “Official” Disney Plus that's coming to Japan. The Disney Deluxe crap is absolutely awful. I hope they will have a bit of what I was hoping for. The old Disney channel original movies and TV shows. That's what I truly want. I don't want anything on that Disney Deluxe. Plus, user friendliness is non-existent.

From what I heard the new Disney Plus app will launch in Japan, sometime in June. I don't know the exact date, but I'm definitely waiting. I hope that this app is FROM Disney themselves so that it won't suck. I'll try so I can get a taste of it LOL. As I said, I'm STILL cancelling Disney Deluxe. It's just not worth it to me.

Good luck on watching Captain Marvel and waiting around for the new Disney Plus. I hope you will like Captain Marvel, and that can stay entertained until June. Until next time!