Disney Plus in Japan

Saturday, June 13, 2020


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In this article I'll go back to a lighter topic. Disney Plus just dropped in Japan and I'll give my opinion.

The New Disney Plus

Okay, so I made an article before talking about Disney Deluxe in Japan. I don't know if the Disney Deluxe thing was only exclusive to Japan, but I wasn't a fan... Like at all. Let’s fast forward a month or so and I was lucky because I heard about Disney Plus getting a release date in Japan.
I was already about to cancel my membership to Disney Deluxe when I heard this. I HATED the Disney Deluxe... everything. I hated that EVERYTHING was so complicated. Down to even the name of the app.
I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to make it "different" by calling it Disney Deluxe. Not only was the name different from the one in the US, but that wasn't even the OFFICIAL name. To stream the content, you needed to go to the Disney Theater website, and on your smart phone you needed to download the Disney Theater app.
Who in their right mind thought that was a good idea? The name change was already confusing to begin with. I couldn't even download the dang app onto my Amazon Firestick. And instead of the play button, I had to push a button that had a bunch of Kanji that I cannot even begin to read.

Pros of the Disney Plus App

All of these issues have thankfully been addressed with the new Disney Plus app. Now, there's only one app name, for EVERYTHING. You know, like it should have been from the beginning. There's a play button on the screen that makes it simple to play the TV show or movie.
You can change how much data you want the app to take. I think there's an easier button to cancel your membership. But you still can't change the language on the app, that's okay because Amazon Prime is the same way. For me, unfortunately, that's where the good times end.

Cons of the Disney Plus App

In my opinion, the most important issues WERE NOT addressed. Issue number one, why in the f*ckin h*ll do I have a limit on how long I can watch something that I downloaded? What's the point of even having the download function? Why do I have 72 hours to finish watching something? What if I don't have the freakin’ time, but I wanted to watch the dang thing later? It's frustrating!!! Hey Disney, if I wanted to pirate the d*mn tv show or movie, I certainly wouldn't be paying you 8 dollars a month to do so. I would just f*cking do it!! Yes, I'm angry. Why am I PAYING for this service, only to be restricted in my viewing? I feel like I might as well just stream it online for free. As far as I've seen, Disney is the ONLY streaming service that does this. And others BETTER NOT follow suit because I would cancel them like I'm about to cancel Disney.
Last, but certainly NOT LEAST is the selection. The most important part of any streaming service, THE SELECTION. They STILL neglected to add anything good to the selection. The app is still limited in what you can watch! It's f*cking Disney. How in the world can their dang streaming app be limited in its content?
I know that not everything that they've made has Japanese subtitles. Well... How about they f*ckin’ add them if that is the true reason for the sucky selection. You can't find a d*mn good thing to watch on that stupid app.
Most of us have already seen the freakin’ Marvel movies, most of us have seen Star Wars. That's half of the selection right there. Yup, I'm not joking. The rest are classic Disney princess movies that most of us grew up on. We are tired of that crap. I was wishing and hoping for Disney channel original movies and TV shows. What I got was a big SLAP in the face.
I kept the subscription because I hoped that they would add a little somethin' somethin'. The only new thing I got was Avatar, James and the Giant Peach, and some dang Discovery documentaries. What a freakin’ snooze fest. I was expecting SO much more. I was fooled once again, but I won't be fooled anymore.

Closing Thoughts

If you're like me and want the same selection, or something close to Disney Plus US, don't hold your breath. If you want to give Disney Plus a try, go ahead. But I think you won't even make it a month before you are bored out of your mind. Me, personally, I'm cancelling that dang service, which is something I was going to do awhile back. I got so hyped up about the new name, that I forgot that Disney is a scam artist.
Good luck on surviving this year. At least you can have some entertainment, or in the case with Disney Plus... Not so much. Stay healthy and happy!