Unrest in the US

Saturday, June 13, 2020

United States

Unrest in the US
In this article I'll talk about the current situation in the United States. This information is only coming from what I'm hearing in the news.

Why I left the United States

sad woman
I decided to leave the United States in the year 2015, the same year I graduated university. I decided to leave because I started to really see the issues we had within the United States. Before, I was a bit naive and didn't think that the US was as dangerous as it was, but that changed for me.
If you're wondering what changed, it started with Treyvon Martin, I just didn't realize it then. When I was almost finished with university, the Mike Brown murder happened. I was so sad and upset. I knew that there were protest going on in St. Louis for quite some time.
I knew a Caucasian gay guy from St. Louis. I thought we were friends. Thought being the key word. He complained to me about all the protests going in St. Louis. I can't remember what he said exactly, but he basically said the protests were nothing more than a burden to him. Because you know, the protest is such a burden, not the actual murder. That's when I began to really understand. Caucasian people will never care about a Black person being murdered unjustifiable.
I began to give up hope for the United States. And then Sandra Bland was murdered, that's a when I really asked the Lord what I should do. I kept up with the case to see how it would pan out. I knew that she was clearly murdered in the jail by the police, but of course, no justice was served. I had had enough. That's when I truly knew that I had to leave the country. Oh, and the whole Donald Trump debacle. I knew that it was only a matter of time before the ball dropped. And boy did it ever drop…

Present Day US

Present Day US
In present day US, nothing has changed. Ahmaud was murdered for jogging. Breonna Taylor was murdered in her house for absolutely no reason. George Floyd was murdered by the police for no reason as well. There are also countless of other cases that don't get picked up by the mainstream media. Black people are tired.
Now, there are protests. They were peaceful, but they suddenly turned to riots. I honestly believe that police started the riots but what's new really. Plus, I saw bricks being miraculously stacked in strange places. I think some people took the bait. Black people, however, are sick and tired of the injustice. All of us, woman, man, child, elderly, should not be murdered as a sport. That's truly what it feels like at this point.
George Floyd happened in March. It took protests and rioting to get the murderers arrested...WTF. I have seen racists KKK white people shooting black people down in the streets. They go out with their weapons, but the government pretends like its only Black people causing trouble as usual. I’ve seen police telling ARMED white men that curfew is about to strike, and they didn’t want the white people to get hurt, so they should go inside. They said this so it LOOKS as though they are not playing favorites…of course.
Donald Trump is talking about shooting the rioters, but not the "police" who are responsible for this tragedy. When will this ever end? I have seen support from some Caucasian people, but is it truly enough? The United States is one of the worst countries in the world, and nothing can change my mind on that.
I have heard that in Minneapolis that they will dissolve the police force. I couldn’t understand such a thing. I thought wouldn’t there be more crime than usual due to the abolishment of the police department. But I have heard a story from a place called Camden, New Jersey…I think that’s the place. They also abolished their city’s police department. This was due to its corruption.                                  They said in present day, the town is as safe as ever. The crime has gone way WAY down. It’s almost like the police caused the crime LOL. They do still have police, but they are very friendly, and have shown themselves to be an ally and trustworthy. The town is smaller, but the task is not impossible.

Closing Thoughts

black woman
I still believe that if you are African American you should get your passport ASAP. I know that right now it's very difficult to travel, but I would at least think about moving to a new country. Right now, the US is going up in flames. I heard that white supremacists are trying to start some kind of civil war.
If they are or not, I know that the United States is not for its Black citizens. I hope that we will eventually be treated as human beings, but I'm not holding my breath. Get out if you can. Please, if you are a Black person in the US try to say safe. I know there's only so much you can do but try your best. I'll pray for you. Until next time.