Climate in the United States

Sunday, July 19, 2020

United States

In this article I'll give updates that I've been hearing about the United States from Japan.

Presidential Issues

I mean Donald Trump is the president so that's an issue in of itself. With the protests going on, we need someone who will unite the country. Of course, Donald Trump is doing the opposite. I really do think it's a conspiracy to try and force a civil war onto the United States. It creates more divide and more unrest.
So, Donald Trump re-tweeted something from a white supremacist. He also told the only Black Nascar driver to apologize to his fellow white Nascar drivers for...I don't know what. At this point it's just tiring. I wish people would wake up and see what's he's doing. However, some people are just blind to the truth. While I am sickened by the police brutality and everything else, I do know that we are stronger together. We are one race, we are the human race.
At the end of the day, I believe that it's more about the 1% vs the 99%. I remember reading an article about slavery and poor white people. Back in the day, poor white people were treated just as badly as Black people. Black people and the poor white people wanted to rise up and fight the oppression together. The powers that be saw this occurring. That's when they decided that they would give poor white people just a bit more privilege than Black people. They took the bait. The rest is history. We can see now that poor white, uneducated people, are the main ones touting the confederate flag. Of course, they do that amongst other things like, harass and murder. That's not to say that middle class don't also do the same thing when it comes to racism, but I'm just using poor white people as an example.

Jeffrey Epstein

I want to make it clear that I've been keeping up with mostly everything regarding Jeffery Epstein and his female partner. I'm sorry, I can't spell her name LOL. But she was just arrested. She was caught living in a mansion in the US. The mansion was paid for IN CASH. A lawyer bought it for her and didn't use her name when buying the house. It takes a lot of power to pay for a 1 million dollar mansion, in cash, without saying who will own the property.
These people are sick and disgusting. I'm sorry, but I don't think I can ever watch the documentary on Jeffrey Epstein that's on Netflix. I find the whole situation to be demonic and disturbing. I know what went on, but I feel that I don't want to know anymore than what I already know.
I do know that Donald Trump, the Clinton's, Will Smith, Naomi Campbell, Prince Andrews, and other powerful people were documented to have gone to Epstein island. I also know that babies are sold to these people... Yes BABIES. That's where I'm going to stop because it's so sick and sinister. But there are many reasons not to trust politicians and celebrities. This is the most horrific though.

My Family

I've been telling my family FOR YEARS to leave the United States. Well, now, they can't, and it's just not because of the virus. I was speaking with my sister recently and she told me some troubling news. Apparently, the passport services in the US are completely backed up.
People who applied for their passport in January and February STILL haven't received their passport. So, therefore, if my family applied now, they probably wouldn't get their passport until January. I'm very sad to hear that. I really wish my family had moved when I told them to. It was only a matter of time before something awful occurred.
I really saw Donald Trump running for president as an omen. I took it very seriously because I saw that people were agreeing with him and liking his campaign. I already knew what he was about after questioning Obama about his citizenship. I knew from the git go that he was running based off hate. When I saw that other people were supporting him, I knew why that was.
The United States is just a mess run by a bunch of puppeteers. I mean the whole world is really, but people in the United States seem to be crazier than people in other countries. They are also more violent which scared the crap out of me. My family keeps saying they're fine, but I told them to buy a gun.
Unfortunately, I only see more bad things on the horizon. Please try to stay safe if you are in the US. If you are an American citizen living abroad, I hope that your family is doing okay. Good luck everyone, we'll need it