The Uniqlo Mask Debacle

Sunday, July 19, 2020


Wearing a Mask in Japan
In this article I'll talk about how people in Japan are coping with wearing masks.

In the United States

In the United States
I must start here because it is my home. Right now, wearing a mask is not necessarily mandatory. I have seen the racist rule that only Black Americans should wear them. That was some place in California. That was quickly thrown out. They then said that EVERYONE is required to wear a mask. Like duh, but I think they wanted to get some people upset first.
My family said that they will soon make it mandatory for everyone in my hometown to wear a mask. I also saw that some people are trying to fight this rule. Of course, they are. I'm not sure if buying masks have become easier, or if there is still a shortage. I have seen more companies making cloth masks, for instance Fashion Nova. But they specify that the mask shouldn't be worn for medical purposes. They are for fashion only, go figure.

In Japan

In Japan
The more and more I go out, the more masks I'm beginning to see. I saw some for sale at the mall, at the grocery store, on the sidewalk, and they are even starting to have them at the convenience store again. I'm pretty happy that I can buy them more easily now. I keep buying the ones that are cloth though. I prefer to wear black masks. It's easier if I'm wearing makeup, and I think it looks better on my skin.
I even saw that they made some alcohol spray for the masks. There's another great thing happening now. CURRENTLY, they have been making a lot of alcohol spray. They also are selling a lot of cleaners. The best part is that they're cheap now. Everybody is making them. It's the new hip thing. I bought a few just in case the virus hits again.

The Uniqlo Fiasco

The Uniqlo Fiasco
Uniqlo WAS selling the cooling mask. I waited for weeks to get my hands on one. I tried to buy it online at 12:00 AM. I looked but they still weren't on sale yet. I got up around seven or eight to look on the website. I couldn't even get onto the website!!!! The website was being overloaded that early in the morning. I was p*ssed.
I had been waiting so long to get that mask. I had stayed up late to buy that mask. And when I went on the website, I couldn't even get through. It was absolutely ridiculous. I didn't know so many people would be that obsessed. Well, long story short, I kept looking at the website every twenty minutes. I still couldn't get on. Then finally at twelve o’clock PM there was a message that the masks were SOLD OUT. It's been up ever since.
The SAME EXACT became message has been up ever since. It's already been a few weeks now. They keep saying they don't when they will be able to re-stock. I can't understand how they don't know. I also can't understand why they are refusing to do pre-orders so that they can know how many to make. I think it's quite frustrating.
However, there is a silver lining. I saw a review on the mask, and actually, it looks like it stinks. They touted that the mask was double layered or something. But the review said that it makes the mask really hot. They said wearing it outside during the summer is impossible. It also said on the packaging that it shouldn't be worn in the summer.
That really confused me because I thought it was supposed to be a dang cooling mask. I thought it was made with their special technology and that's why they made it in the summer. I was wrong. I'm sure that's what a lot of people thought too though. But the review said that the mask would be really great in the winter.
People were lined up for that dang mask. They said people lined up early in the morning and they had to take a number. I thought about going to the store when I couldn't get though online. BUT there's no way I am lining up in the humid summer heat for a mask. Oh, and let’s not forget that’s in the midst of a pandemic. Japanese people, I tell ya. But I hope IF they re-stock the mask that they construct it better. I want an actual cooling mask for the summer. I also want it in black. There is absolutely no point for me to have a white mask. Especially not a white re-usable mask. It will be difficult to keep it that pristine white color.

Good luck getting masks wherever you are in the world. It really sucks wearing them in the summer, but it's worth it. Save a life if you can and just wear a mask. Well, until next time.