Getting Baptized in Japan

Sunday, December 20, 2020


In today's article I'll talk about my adventure of FINALLY being able to get baptized in the Japanese countryside.

Why I Never Got Baptized in the United States

Truthfully, I was supposed to get baptized BEFORE I came to Japan. I was going to a mega church back then with my friend, and they did baptisms. I really wanted to do it, but honestly, I was too lazy. The reason I was too lazy was because the baptism service was on Wednesday, and since I was working full-time then, I convinced myself that it was too troublesome. Which is something I still regret to this day. I wish I had had my best friend with me for my baptism. I was also still living at home, and it would have been nice to have celebrated with my family afterwards.

I had NEVER been baptized before this year. This was my first time. My parents honestly weren't big on church, even though my father is Catholic, and my mother is Christian. I do wish that I had gotten baptized earlier, like most people. And I also wish that I had grown up in the church. It has its ups and downs, but I wish I knew from a young age, more about Jesus, God, and the Bible.

Getting Baptized in Japan... Almost

Since I am currently living in the country, it's a little difficult to find a church that speaks English. Sure, they have a few churches around where I live, however I couldn't find any English on the websites that I visited. Not only couldn't I find English, but I also couldn't find a church that did baptisms.

So I figured that I should just look up a mega church in the big city. I don't live too far from Kobe, so I thought I could just go there. I emailed the church to ask about getting baptized.

I emailed the Life House Church, and they were kind and got back to me in about a week. The pastor told me that I could join a weekly prayer group for women. It sounded nice so I gave it a go. I joined the group only once. They women in the group were really nice and welcoming. I didn't have any issue.

I didn't want to continue though because it was early on Sunday morning. I know, you're thinking that I'm lazy... Truthfully, I think I'm lazy too LOL. Well, I'm not so lazy. I just consider myself to be shy, plus I'm quite private and don't like getting too emotional in front of a lot of people. I could feel the tears coming even during the one meeting I attended, which was only a video call by the way.

Even though I didn't continue, I got some good insight on how I should study my Bible and what app I can use. It wasn't a bad experience for me overall. However, the most important thing to me was getting baptized, which we didn't touch on during the meeting that I had.

FINALLY Getting Baptized 

Luckily for me, I had a co-worker who went to a church in the neighboring prefecture. The prefecture is closer than Kobe, so I was happy. Plus, the Pastor is really nice, and I felt so welcomed just from speaking to him by email. The Pastor gave me all the study material.

I was able to go to the church for a visit. Then the next time I went, I was going to get baptized! It was such a great experience. I had to give a testimony; I was so nervous before giving it. And of course, I cried like a big baby, but it was completely worth it in the end. My husband was with me as well, so I was happy to have some family with me.

I haven't been back to the church since then because it's a little pricey for me to go. Plus, I've been a bit busy since then. However, I have tried to be more consistent with prayer and reading my Bible every day, even if it's just a little bit. I'm trying to be less of a lukewarm Christian, as they say, and be more focused on the Lord.

Good luck with getting baptized in Japan, if you do choose to do so. It's a great experience. I hope this article helped a bit. Until next time!